Business Process Mapping

by Redthorn Consultants

At Redthorn we undertake process mapping projects with customers to help create transparent processes that can be easily assessed and adjusted to increase efficiency. These can be done for the usage of the Redthorn MRP system, in general operations or as combination of the two.

The Objectives of our Projects

The goal of our mapping projects is to identify existing operational problems and identify and prioritise continuous improvement resolutions to these problems. We find that it is often the case that these projects draw out areas where the MRP system is being used incorrectly or inefficiently due to poor original implementation or legacy processes that have not kept up with technology.

The output of our Process mapping projects are simple process maps that shows all process-related activities, including input/output, approvals, exceptions, and cross-functional hand-offs. The main goal of the map is to provide an overview of the relevant business processes, so that organizations and individuals participating in a process are able to understand their specific role in the overall structure.

The identified process improvements are summarized in a Process Improvement Matrix that balances the size of improvement against the ease of implementation. This allow customers to easily visualize what is required and to document concrete deliverables for improvement activities.

Example Improvement Matrix

Potential Process Improvements

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Our projects can range from 1 to 10 days with a typical agenda for a 3 day intervention being as follows:

Day 1

Diagnostic of Redthorn MRP System Usage at Customer.
Involves one on one time spent with each major user (approx. 1 hour each) covering all aspects of systems usage from quotation to delivery and invoicing.

Day 2

Review and mapping of interactions of data between Third Party Software and Redthorn MRP System.
Production of report.

Day 3

Report Presentation and Feedback.
Any next steps if required.

Case Studies

Walker Precision

Walker Precision are a technology led manufacturing company based in Glasgow who have been using the Redthorn software for over 10 years. In 2015 walker contacted Redthorn to ask if we could complete a system review and diagnostic to identify areas where they could use the system more efficiency. As a result of this enquire, the Redthorn team completed a 3 days process mapping exercise of Walker’s process from quotation to invoice.

On completion of the exercise, the consultancy team presented a 12 page report identifying 11 main areas of improvement they could make to Walker’s operational processes.

Some of the suggestions included:

  • Improved usage of the shop floor data collection system to monitor employee efficiency and improve cost margin reporting
  • Alignment of material due dates to changes made to the production schedule
  • Standardisation of material database to remove repetitive tasks and improve supplier performance

Pebble Outsourcing

Based in Salford, Pebble Outsourcing provide expert accountancy, payroll and financial support for small businesses; tax efficient umbrella and limited company solutions for contractors.

In 2016 Pebble asked the Redthorn consultancy team to conduct a 2 day system and process “diagnostic” in order to produce an output report that would facilitate a workshop to agree priority actions and immediate next steps to implement the following:

  • Improvements to current Business Processes
  • Better usage of Pebbles current software systems
  • Key development requirements to Pebbles current software systems

Some of the suggestions included:
  • Use the software’s web portal to Input Timesheets and Expenses
  • Improve Exception Reporting Page to allow mass payment of exceptions
  • Implement Customer Relationship Management System to allow for case management and allocation of tasks to correct people
  • Improve Software Processing times on long running system activities

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