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Business Intelligence software

OneView provides a simplified, single view of your entire business processes.

It achieves this with post-modern tools and standards-based open computing technologies. Your business will witness a positive upward thrust, now that you have a flexible platform which integrates application data to present it to users in a highly interactive format.

Redthorn OneView Dashboard

Be ready to access critical information at your fingertips

Personalised dashboard

Personalised dashboard

Our OneView solution combines all the capabilities of business intelligence by offering data connectivity access, data maintenance, personalised dashboards, Ad Hoc reporting and analytics with something as minimal as a web browser.

Software analytics

More powerful analysis tools

Oneview comes with a suite of in-built reports which are integrated to your current Redthorn* MRP system, with the additional capability to cross report against other business systems.


Better key performance reports

What then follows is your decision making, in a matter of minutes or hours, without having to be reliant on teams supplying information in different reports.

*Oneview can also be installed stand alone to report from other market leading ERP systems

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Apart from a boost to your business operational performance and delivering a significant Return on Investment (ROI), OneView gives a whole lot of benefits:

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You are sure to find a marked increase in productivity, operational gains and better business intelligence
Access to accurate information will enhance decision making capabilities within your team
Co-workers will find it easy to interact and collaborate among themselves with relevant information sharing between departments
Ongoing business processes improvement with reduction of costs
Raise customer satisfaction levels
Lessen the need to search for key documents and emails
Reduce storage, retrieval and back-up costs and avoid costs associated with content duplication

This will enable you to:

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Isolate problems
Identify trends
Easily recognise new opportunities

Immediately get results

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OneView FAQ’s

Who can use this system?

Any of our current customers of the Aventa 10G system can use OneView. OneView is also compatible with many other software systems – ask for more information.

When will it be available?

Redthorn Oneview will be available for demonstration in Q2 2017

How can I book a demonstration?

Use the ‘Request Demo’ button below to contact us and book a date for a full demonstration. Plus booking a demonstration will also entitle you to a discounted quote for purchase.

Don’t just take our word for it

Our software supports over 600 engineering and manufacturing businesses worldwide.
Visit the Knowledge Centre for more information or contact us to talk about how we can help your business grow.

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