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Redthorn welcome new staff

Welcome to Rebecca Swarbrick who has joined our team. Rebecca has education within Aerospace Engineering coming to us from an account management profession working within the software industry.

Rebecca brings a wealth of account management experience with her, and is looking forward to developing client relationships alongside learning the vital elements of our 2 new products.

NEW Redthorn 11G system LIVE

The company has worked effortlessly to bring about an up to date system that will be much more efficient, effective and user friendly than the current versions.

Along with a friendlier user interface, we are sure you will appreciate the new features and benefits that come with 11g. Ring or email our team to receive the supporting documentation.

One of the benefits of 11g is the capability to run the latest version of Java! so whether you want other 3rd party products to run under the same operating system or you want to be compliant for your IT security audit, Redthorn 11g will enable you to do that.

Combine this with OneView, our ground breaking new and easy to use integrated Business intelligence software. It provides real time, up to date Vital data captured straight from our MRP system, where you will have access to live and previous data through reports, figures and graphs, allowing you to analyse online or download via PDF or Excel format.

Redthorn welcomes Denis, the newest member of our technical and software team.

Denis has a systems engineering background and has previously used ERP/MRP software so he is getting up to speed with our systems and processes very quickly.

He is already proving to be a great member of the team.

Unlock your data’s potential!

Redthorn are proud to introduce Redthorn OneView - Business Intelligence from Redthorn.

OneView provides a simplified, single view of your entire business processes.

It achieves this with post-modern tools and standards-based open computing technologies. Your business will witness a positive upward thrust, now that you have a flexible platform which integrates application data to present it to users in a highly interactive format.

Read more about the features and advantages of Redthorn OneView on it’s dedicated page within our website.

Book your OneView demo now by completing the contact form on the page.

At Redthorn we work alongside our clients to create bespoke MRP software solutions which will unlock genuine business potential through increased margins, improved productivity and cost efficiencies.

Latest Offer from Redthorn

Redthorn are delighted to announce that up until 31st October 2016 there is now a 3 for 2 offer on Redthorn Training Days.

Contact the Redthorn team for more details.

Redthorn Consultancy

Supporting you at every stage

Once our customers have chosen their modules, the Redthorn technical team will install the software at your site. We have a dedicated support team, offering both technical and software support. We offer a report writing service, so you can either learn to write your own reports using crystal or we can write them for you. We offer consultancy to improve in-house processes. We also have an online forum where our customers have access to FAQ’s, bug fixes and can also converse with each other.

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Don’t just take our word for it

Our software supports over 600 engineering and manufacturing businesses worldwide.
Visit the Knowledge Centre for more information or contact us to talk about how we can help your business grow.

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