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New Case Study

Demand Signal Analysis at Gardner

The Need: Gardner receive demand signals from their Aerospace customers in a variety of electronic formats and at different times of the week. Paul O’Gara, Director of the Integrated Logistics Centre recognised that the individual signals were being managed in different ways operationally as well as through Gardner’s internal MRP systems. This was leading to inefficiencies in the sales and operations process which in turn was leading to a dilution of the quality of the signal as it was output to each of the companies’ manufacturing centres.

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Swift responses to queries and fantastic support is now available to Western Australia throughout the day and fifty two weeks a year
- Glenn Hoskins, Rollwell (WA) Steel Rolling, Pressing and Fabricating

Knowledge Transfer at Hycrome (Europe) Ltd


Hyrcome Europe Ltd


  • Aerospace
  • Oil & Gas
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Power Generation

Client Overview

Hycrome Europe, part of the Score Group, are engineering specialists for machining, grinding, coatings and surface treatments primarily working in the aerospace and petrochemical industry sectors. They specialise in turbine blade manufacture and repair for aero-engines and pumping systems.


Burnley, Lancashire


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Redthorn | Case Study
Strategic Supply Chain Partner

Delivering Sustainable Supply Chain Excellence Aligned To Your Business

Strategic Supply Chain Partner Roadmap
Supply Chain Evolution providing strategic differentiation, deeper levels of innovation and value.

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New Case Study

Addison Engineering Co (Blackpool) Ltd | Case Study
‘‘Taking Control at Addison Engineering”

The Need: Team-boards had been implemented at shopfloor and management team level to manage operational performance but there was no formal process linking the boards. A draft Route Map had been developed but was not being used to deploy or review strategic activities. The management team were fire-fighting rather than getting to grips with issues affecting operational performance.

“The control room has played a fundamental part in visualising objectives and monitoring performance against targets. We still have a lot of work ahead of us to maintain the ethos of the control room and sustain our focus on monitoring ‘how we are doing’ so we don’t lose sight of its importance in enabling us to get ‘‘where we want to be”.
Linda Kirkham, Quality Manager, Addison Engineering

Read the full case study via the PDF on our website.

New Case Study

Strategic Business Planning & Implementation at Gardner Aerospace

Day to day operational problems were preventing progress in performance improvement plans. Required single point of accountability and capability to support implementation of improvement plans.


Gardner Aerospace manufactures machined and fabricated parts for the aerospace industry. Activities include 5-axis machining, turning, sheet metal fabrication, non- destructive testing, surface treatments, final assembly and kitting.

Various UK sites


“This coaching intervention by Redthorn Ltd has helped us to refocus the management team on the key measures of performance and the need to rapidly solve day to day problems”

Karl Lee, Site Director, Gardner Aerospace

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New Case Study…

Change Management at Addison Engineering

The Need: The management team were concerned at the perceived low level of morale in the workforce and the negative feedback that accompanied the implementation of improvements and strategic activities. Before the workforce could be engaged in change and shop-floor problem solving the management team needed to know the current issues affecting employee performance.

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New Case Study

Over the next couple of months Redthorn will be posting and promoting various brand new case studies.  These case studies will provide information on how we help our clients on an ongoing basis.

First up is….

Scrap Reduction at Gardner Aerospace Hull

The Need: Redthorn Ltd have already worked with Gardner Hull to roll out a strategy for identifying and managing day to day operational problems, plus the design and implementation of plans for performance improvement. As part of this policy deployment, they are using an operational control room which identified, through their structured monthly review, that the cost of scrap was above target. This was captured as an operational issue in the control room and a continuous activity was launched to bring the cost of scrap under control.

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You can also download a PDF of this case study directly from our website.

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