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Case Study Summary:


  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Oil & Gas
  • Military

Client Overview

Addison Engineering, based in Thornton Cleveleys near Fleetwood, manufacture precision turned and milled components for pharmaceuticals, automotive, aerospace and other industries.


Thorton Cleveleys


The Needs

  • No formal process linking the shop-floor and management team level team-boards.
  • Route Map was not being used to deploy or review strategic activities.
  • Management team were fire-fighting not dealing with issues affecting operations.

The Approach

  • Teaching the principles of control rooms and coaching the management team in the operational processes.
  • Creating a simple sustainable Route Map development and review process.
  • Setting up the control room.


  • Establishing concerns and issues affecting the workforce
  • Priority actions identified to deal with work force concerns
  • Leadership and management improvement areas identified
  • Verifying or challenging the leadership view of priorities for strategic route map objectives and activities
  • New avenue for employee engagement
  • Standardised diary defining drumbeat reviews and improving review process adherence and quality

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Taking Control at Addison Engineering

The Need: Team-boards had been implemented at shop-floor and management team level to manage operational performance but there was no formal process linking the boards. A draft Route Map had been developed but was not being used to deploy or review strategic activities. The management team were fire-fighting rather than getting to grips with issues affecting operational performance.

The Approach

To develop self-sustaining performance management capabilities in the management team including:


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Teaching the principles of control rooms and their role in Policy Deployment and coaching the management team in the operational processes of a control room.
Creating a simple sustainable Route Map development and review process that equips the management team with the skills to adapt their strategy dynamically.


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Setting up the control room and creating control room standards.


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Coaching and challenging individuals and the team.

The Results

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Fully functioning control room established focusing management action.
Strategic improvement activities supported by simple 5-box reporting tools and tactical plans.
Daily tracking of key performance indicators supporting rapid problem recognition and improved management focus.
Improved management control of operational performance and choosing operational priorities.
Improved customer delivery performance with improvement in on- me deliveries and reduced disruption creating capacity to absorb new work.
Issue escalation process following through on complex or difficult shop-floor issues.

“The control room has played a fundamental part in visualising objectives and monitoring performance against targets. We still have a lot of work ahead of us to maintain the ethos of the control room and sustain our focus on monitoring ‘how we are doing’ so we don’t lose sight of its importance in enabling us to get ‘‘where we want to be.”

Linda Kirkham, Quality Manager,Addison Engineering

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