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Strategic Supply Chain Partner

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Case Study Summary:

Collaborative Solutions

  • Global Industry Insights and Knowledge
  • Call Centre and Online Coaching and Mentoring Support
  • Monitoring and Early Warning Exception Reporting
  • eLearning Knowledge
  • Management Systems

Supply Chain Solutions

  • Make versus Buy
  • Analytical based Supply Chain
  • Systems Capability
  • Business and Supply Chain
  • Insights and Knowledge
  • Supply Chain Development
  • Supply Chain Performance Diagnostic

Business Solutions

  • Effective Supply Chain
  • Methods and Processes
  • Continuous Improvement and Mentoring
  • Strategy Development and Deployment
  • Operational Performance Diagnostic

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Delivering Sustainable Supply Chain Excellence Aligned To Your Business

Strategic Supply Chain Partner Roadmap
Delivering Sustainable Supply Chain Excellence Aligned To Your Business

Value Proposistion

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Delivering effective Supply Chain methods, processes and systems improvement programmes for supplier development.
– YOUR Strategic Supply Chain Partner.
Providing integrated supply chain collaboration solutions customised to meet the specific needs of networks and individual partners, integrating with existing ERP systems to provide visibility to upstream and downstream partners.
Delivering effective Knowledge Transfer and improvement of internal and external planning and control disciplines.
Supporting the development of extended enterprise models and methodology to implement collaborative supply chain bids.
Providing innovative IT platforms, dashboards and systems applications.
Providing commercial frameworks and leads to secure new sourcing and work package opportunities for organisations and their extended enterprise.
Providing Coaching and Mentoring to facilitate independent network collaboration across the Extended Enterprise including Supply Chain methods, processes and systems improvement programmes.
Redthorn Ltd and its academic partners will customise and integrate the cloud based supply chain collaboration solutions to meet the requirements of each network and individual partner.

Why choose Redthorn Ltd to become your Strategic Supply Chain Partner?

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Setting up the control room and creating control room standards.


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Solidify or advance your industry position through delivering deeper levels of supply chain innovation and value through tapping into our broad industry knowledge and analytical based insights.
Standardise and streamline supply chain methods, processes and systems to drive out cost wherever possible and to operate as efficiently as possible.
Provide new insights about your business and its opera on as a result of knowledge gleaned from a long term outsourcing relationship and experience gained within the industry.
Integrate effectively with your internal professionals to transfer new capabilities, share ideas and insights, discuss future directions and enhancements and to form a unified team.
Provide monitoring, measuring and automatic early warning of exceptions and identify areas where additional business value can be delivered.
Build cost reductions and commit to bring innovations to your business for the life time of the relationship.
Make the on-going investments needed to improve supply chain operations and performance within your business.
Redthorn Ltd has the scale to generate additional industry insights to help grow your business.
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